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How to make a Healthy Chef Kids Plate

Deciding what to put on your child's plate can be time-consuming and stressful. But we know how important it is to help your child eat well, be more active, and grow up healthy. Children require help in developing lifelong healthy eating habits. We prepared a plant-based vegan Chef Kids Plate guide at the end of this blog to encourage healthy eating and a balanced diet.

When creating a plant-based plate for your Chef Kid, choose variety — the best meals include items from for major food groups.

Popular diabetes treatment has been recalled because of potential human carcinogen

Drug recalls are more prevalent than most people realize, and learning that the FDA has recalled your prescription medication can be alarming. When a prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceutical is recalled from the market, it is defective or potentially hazardous; it is known as a drug recall. Occasionally, medicine manufacturers will find a flaw in their product and voluntarily recall it.

Recently, Viona Pharmaceuticals Inc. issued a voluntary nationwide recall of Metformin HCl Extended-Re

Dairy milk recalled in Oklahoma, Are there better alternatives?

You may have noticed a rise in recalls of dairy milk products in Oklahoma, but what exactly is a food recall? According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, a food recall occurs when a food manufacturer removes a product from the market due to concerns that it may cause illness in customers. Government authorities may request a food recall in certain circumstances.

Recalls of food products can occur for a class of reasons, including but not limited to the findings of bacteria such

My Experience going Vegan/ Plant-Based for 30 days

My twin sister and I always looking for new ways to be healthy.

We were looking for a new challenge to take on and, I suggest as a crazy idea, “Hey, how about for the month of June we adopted a vegan diet?”

Now back story, I was shocked by how willing my sister accepted to join me on this diet challenge since this isn’t my first time being vegan. A few years back, I challenge myself to be vegan for my college English paper in November. (I was the only one in my household who didn’t eat turkey